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Tips on Maintaining Your Garage Door

Most homes in today’s market come with a garage that is either separate from the household or attached. Now, this is an amenity that many homeowners fail to maintain. Only when the garage door system begins creaking or completely breaks down is when the user will replace it. To make matters worse, garage door repair Read more about Tips on Maintaining Your Garage Door[…]

Brooklyn’s Fort Greene

Article submitted by ETO Doors Corp. Brooklyn’s Fort Greene has developed into one of the hottest spots in the hip (and most populous) Brooklyn Borough. Neighboring Clinton Hill, Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, and the new Barclays Center, Fort Greene has the style and the amenities to make anyone happy. The Architectural style of Fort Greene Read more about Brooklyn’s Fort Greene[…]

8 Decorating tips that will make a large room feel intimate

If you have a large living space with high ceilings and a lot of space to fill, you may feel like creating a comfortable space is a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips that will help a large space look more balanced and comfortable. Strategically place tall potted plants – For rooms with Read more about 8 Decorating tips that will make a large room feel intimate[…]

Why folding beds are great for saving space

Article by WaPaint.com. Beds are always an essential part of a home, no matter how large or small your space may be. Since most modern homes are getting smaller, it is important that homeowners buy furniture that can maximize their space and make small spaces seem more spacious. Most beds will take up the majority Read more about Why folding beds are great for saving space[…]