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Wicker furniture in the bedroom

One of the hardest things for some people is to decorate their homes. It is not easy for everyone to visualize how a room will look with all the furniture and how it would all go together. If you have a rough idea of what you want in a room, then the task is much easier. Here are some ideas from Wicker Paradise on how you can incorporate wicker furniture in your bedroom.

The first option is to use wicker for your nightstands. As with any other material, you can get them with or without drawers, and in matching pairs for double beds, or single versions for single beds. Unlike the outdoors, you can go with natural or synthetic rattan furniture for the indoors.

Another option is to go with wicker for your dresser or chests. You need a specific kind of room, or other furniture to make this work, but when you do, it will look amazing. Ideally, go with a six drawer dresser and make it the only one in the room to prevent too much contrast with non-wicker furniture.

A nice touch in a bedroom is to go with a wicker headboard. You can replace your existing headboard (if you have one) or match it when you replace your bed. The headboard acts as a nice contrast and gives the room character.

All of the above rests on your existing bedroom furniture going well with wicker, and that you have the space to accommodate the new furniture.