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Design Ideas to Transform Your Family Home Using Natural Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Sunroom Furniture should be lightweight and easy to maintain, usually, sunrooms are high-traffic areas in a family home and have an indoor-outdoor flow. To continue and enhance this theme using tropical wicker or rattan furniture in the sunroom is an excellent choice. These natural products are durable and versatile and can be relied on for many years. In addition to being cozy and comfortable pieces they can withstand the elements so are a good choice for use in the sunroom or on the patio.

Accent rooms with wicker, this has a way of tying the entire house together easily and affordably. Placing a Wicker Chair in the bedroom is one such way to fill space and make a small intimate sitting area. Adding a long elegant wicker mirror in a hallway or using rattan plant holders on the porch are exotic and interesting ways to develop a natural style.

Classic Rattan furniture is natural elegance making any seating or dining area sophisticated and attractive. Walking into a dining room that is furnished with a beautiful classical rattan set is inviting and makes for a very relaxing atmosphere.

When you are thinking of redesigning your family home it is not always necessary to use complete sets. Take pieces of the South Seas Rattan range and mix them with your existing pieces to provide an interesting and beautifully eclectic home for your family.

Wicker Paradise with years of experience in their industry and being reliable and reputable has many sets to choose from. Not only is this an eco-friendly responsible company but the team is able and willing to assist customers to find the perfect set to suit all unique needs.