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How to Maintain Your Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Summer is just around the corner, which means higher temperatures outside. Fortunately, many of us can stay nice and cool indoors with the help of our air conditioning units. If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, consider buying a portable unit.

A portable air conditioning unit is designed to keep you cool and comfortable indoors. But without proper maintenance, your unit might not work as well. On the other hand, keeping the unit clean and in good shape can help keep temperatures down and extends the life of the machine. Maintaining your air conditioning unit can also help to lower your utility bill. While some maintenance tasks might require the help of a professional technician, there are many functions you can do yourself to keep the air conditioning unit running smoothly. Whether you own a server room air conditioner or a portable air conditioning unit for the home, follow these tips on how to maintain your portable air conditioning unit.

Use the thermostat. To ensure that your air conditioning unit is running properly, make use of the programmable thermostat. When used regularly, a thermostat can save you money in energy costs. But it also helps regular the temperature, which means the unit will not have to overwork itself to bring down the temperature later.

Don’t go too low. Although you might want your home to be nice and cool, turning down the temperature too low will tax your air conditioning unit. Instead, keep your home or office at a comfortable level, around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the temperature at 78 degrees will also help save you money.

Change the filters. Every air conditioning machine and dehumidification unit has a filter, the handy product used to catch airborne contaminants. When dirty, the unit doesn’t work as efficiently. A dirty filter can also wreak havoc on the quality of the air. Without a clean, fresh filter, dust, bacteria, and other contaminants simply get circulated back into the air, where it can cause allergies. To ensure that your unit runs properly, check the filter on a monthly basis and replace it when dirty. If the filter is visually black or dirty, it’s time to replace it. You might have to replace it more often depending on the environment.

Whether you own a portable unit in your home or office, the steps above will ensure that it keeps you cool and comfortable for many years.