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How to Plan a Potluck

Summary: If you have a potluck coming up, read below for some top planning tips to make the event a success.

Dinner gatherings are a great way to catch up with family and friends, while bonding over food and drinks. A potluck where dozens of guests bring different kinds of dishes to share can be a tremendous amount of fun. Managing an event with a large number of people can also be very stressful and chaotic. If it is your first time hosting a potluck or if you want to take your regular potlucks to the next level, read below for some planning tips to help you out.

Plan Dishes Ahead of Time

A step that should be taken during the planning process of the potluck is figuring out what each person is going to prepare or purchase. By setting up a survey or spreadsheet, you and your guests can figure out who is bringing what, without any overlaps. This is also when guests can communicate what dietary restrictions they have, so everyone can plan accordingly and think of dishes everyone can enjoy.

Use Labels

When laying out the dishes at your house you may come to realize that it might be challenging to determine what each platter contains. To avoid any potential confusion, put clear labels near each dish with not only the name of the dish, but also any ingredients some guests with dietary restrictions may have to look out for.

This will make it much easier for guests to understand which dishes fit within their diets, at a glance. Placing similar items together, such as having sections for appetizers, main dishes, and desserts, will also help the event flow much more smoothly.

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