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Learning About Different Types of Door Knobs

At first glance, all door knobs are the same. You turn the handle, and the door opens. However, there are many different types of door handles that you can choose from when buying a new door or upgrading an existing door. You’ll want to do the research before purchasing a new door handle to make sure you are getting one that is right for your needs. Here is a quick glance at some of the most common types of door knobs.

Privacy Knobs: If you need a handle for a room like a bathroom, bedroom or guest room, then you might want to consider a privacy knob. These types of door knobs have internal mechanisms in place that only allow them to be locked from the inside.

Passage Knobs: For certain rooms such as children’s bedrooms, storage rooms and nurseries, you might not have any need for doors to lock. In some cases — such as kids’ rooms — you might not want them to lock at all so children can’t get accidentally locked in. In this case, you want a passage knob that doesn’t have a lock.

Keyed Entrance Knobs: Almost all front doors are keyed entrance doors. These are knobs that have mechanisms that let them get locked or unlocked from the inside or the outside. You’ll need a key to lock or unlock the door from the outside, although they can usually be locked and unlocked without one from the inside.

Dummy Knobs: Some door knobs don’t actually turn at all. These are dummy knobs, that are just there for their looks. You can often find dummy knobs on cabinets, wardrobes and cupboards.

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