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Wicker is the best choice for the outdoors

Article by Wicker Paradise.

To have the perfect, cozy and comfortable backyard, you need to have the ideal furniture that would stand both the tests of time and overcome the different weather conditions. Conventional furniture like those made of metals and aluminum may corrode, and the paint may begin to peel. Furniture made of ordinary plastic would become brittle due to prolonged exposure to the sun. So, what is the best choice for outdoor furniture? Wicker.

There are two kinds of wicker furniture that are available in the market. The Natural Wicker and the Synthetic Resin Wicker.

Natural wicker comes from plant materials such as those in willow, reeds, bamboo and sometimes rattan. Use of this kind of wicker goes back to the times of the Egyptians. This kind of wicker is not suitable for the outdoors since it absorbs moisture, become brittle from the sun and is prone to insects’ attacks.

Synthetic resin wicker furniture is made from artificial or synthetic fibers. The other name for this is “All-weather wicker” in which in the name alone would define its durability. Apart from being already different from natural wicker, the synthetic wicker can be made by various types of plastics such as PVC, Nylon, and Polyethylene.

Synthetic wicker is more practical for two reasons: Firstly, It’s inexpensive and economical as synthetic resin wicker comes from inexpensive or recycled plastic. It is cheaper than natural wicker and is economical. Second, it is more durable.The synthetic resin wicker furniture is built to last and can survive almost any harsh weather conditions.

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