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4 Unique room dividers for the space-savvy, trendy Bedrooms

Gone are the days when walls were the only way to separate spaces. There are now affordable decorating solutions that partition spaces, which allow you to maximize space and create new dynamics with open interiors. Here are 4 unique room dividers for the space-savvy, trendy bedrooms

The Classics – The classic antique dividers may not be for everyone, but you can gather plenty of inspiration from these pieces. The old Japanese room dividers now come in modern materials and colorful designs. If you prefer simplicity choose one in bamboo with floating panels.

Storage and display space – If you have to work with a limited space, like a tiny urban apartment, use a room divider that provides storage. Choose one in a simple box design, stacked on one another. If you’d rather have the boxes open, use your divider to store books. If not, use one as a closet to divide your room and your bath.

Utilize the bed- Place your bed against a large head board. You could divide your bath or your office space from your bedroom with this unique design idea. Play with texture and fabrics, to create a different look for each space.

Curtains and glass – Curtains as dividers is a great way to give a warm look while creating separation. Stay clear from printed fabrics and choose a neutral shade. Look for heavier fabrics to ensure your space is fully enclosed. Glass is also a good option to create privacy. This choice is great to separate a bedroom from a bath. Look for glass with texture to create a private yet tranquil look.