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A buyer’s guide to the dining table

A dining table is afocal point in a home and one where the entire family gets to gather together to enjoy their meals. Here are some tips on buying a dining table.

Materials – If you are looking for a dining table, look for one made from hardwood, such as mahogany, walnut, maple, oak, and teak. Dining tables made using hardwood are durable and economical.

Glass top dining table – Glass top dining tables are a good choice for spaces that are smaller and require a dining table that is reflective and light. Although you may think that glass is not durable, the versions today are very sturdy made using tempered safety glass.

Weathered wood table – Weathered wood will give your space a shabby chic vibe, and the nicks and scratches will be part of the design detail.

Marble will impress – If you are ready to make a big investment that is sturdy and eye catching, look at a marble dining table. Black marble can withstand almost anything from heat, scratches and water stains.

Transportable tables – For those who rent and are constantly on the move, a transportable dining table will be easy to transport safely and fit most spaces. Look at small round tables with detachable

Designer pack-and-go dining table – If you are looking for a table that is light, durable with a modern design, look at investing in a plywood dining table that can be flat packed and assembled with ease.