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How to deal with mailbox vandalism

People with isolated mailboxes tend to deal with a lot of mailbox vandalism. Residential mailboxes do suffer from vandalism, but to a largely lesser degree. Mailbox vandalism is a real issue for many and dealing with damage regularly is an unnecessary inconvenience. Here are some tips on how to deal with vandalism:

Report it

It is important to report any case of mailbox vandalism to the police and even your postmaster. With a police report, you can get reimbursement from your insurance company. Reporting to postmaster is also important as the postal service has an arm that deals with mailbox issues.


If you have repeated vandalism issues, then it might be time to get secure mailboxes. Often, mailbox vandalism hides mailbox theft. With a secure mailbox or a re-enforced mailbox , you will get something that is secure, strong and sturdy.


Install a small video camera that overlooks the mailbox. The camera itself should be either high enough or hidden to prevent any damage from the vandals. Often, installing a camera that is visible can deter would-be vandals. Also, ensure that the mailbox is well lit. You can also hide the camera, but often it is difficult to get good enough video to identify the culprits.


Another option is to move the mailbox closer towards the house. The majority of mailbox vandalism is when the mailbox is far away from the house or curbside. There is a drop in vandalism when the mailbox moves towards the house.