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How to Effectively Hold a House Tour

Summary: If you are thinking about putting your house on the market for rent or sale, there are a few tips you can follow to have a smooth house tour. 

Why Even Have One?

While it is true that there are numerous websites where homeowners can post about their properties they either want to rent out or sell, there are still plenty of people who like taking a look at the house or apartment in-person before making any payments.

Showcase the Home Online 

Before even considering setting up an open house tour you first need to grab people’s attention. Websites for real estate properties are likely the easiest and most effective way to notify a large quantity of individuals in the market for a new house.

Once the house is empty and in good condition, take photos of the different rooms. Proper lighting and editing can help bring the photos to life, which will ultimately make the house look more inviting. Post the photos along with the property details, including such things as the address, dimensions, number of bathrooms, and appliances, on different real estate sites to spread the word that the house is currently on the market. Make a note that those interested will have to undergo a tenant screening background check. Do not forget to include contact information, such as an email address or phone number.

Remember, the more detailed the postings are and the more appealing the photos look, the more likely potential buyers will be to reach out and express their interest. 

Keep It Clean 

Before potential buyers visit the house to take a tour, have the house properly cleaned and set up for people to view it. Keep in mind that this will be the first time these people have visited the house. First impressions are extremely important, especially when individuals are preparing to make large purchases. The result of you tidying up will play a big role in their decision-making process, as a dirty and run-down house may steer visitors away.

Before visitors enter the house, have them either take their shoes off to make sure that they will not spread outside dirt or dust. It’s important to keep the house clean throughout the day of touring. 

Exchange Contact Information 

When visitors arrive to take a tour of the house have them each fill out a contact form with their email address, phone number, and availability. This will make it easy to follow up with individuals about the housing application process. Tenant screening companies make it easy to do background checks to get a solid overview of potential tenants’ credit reports, criminal searches, and other important details that could help determine how wise it would be to move forward and do business with them.