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How to style your cushions

Before you go and order new custom foam cushions for your patio, deck, or backyard, plan out how you want the area to look. Planning out everything in advance gives you the opportunity to see if colors or patterns will clash with other elements in the area. Let’s look at the three most important factors of cushion styling.


When selecting colors for cushions, try and pick a color that is already part of the space. Even an accent of an existing color will suffice. Picking a color that is close to another in the room will tie the room and cushions together, regardless of the color of the seating. Alternatively, use a color wheel and go with the complementary color of the couch.


People find it very hard to match patterns to existing décor. When it comes to patterns, there are just a couple of rules to follow: experiment with different patterns, stick to the same pattern size throughout, and maintain the same color.


The placement of your cushions matters as much as the color and pattern you choose. Even messy arrangements you see online have some form of method to the madness. Size and layer the cushions as you see fit. Foam specialists like The Foam Factory can you send you cushion foam in any dimension you need.

You have all the information you need to put together a warm and inviting outdoor space that everyone can enjoy in the summer.