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Outdoor Projects Around the House

Winter is fast approaching, which means you only have a month or two to get some last minute projects done around the back yard. There are a few preparations to be made before the coldest weather hits, and you can set yourself up for spring time if you act fast.

Before you get started, assemble your tools. You will need basic gardening tools like a shovel, rake, hoe, a hammer with a box of nails, a screwdriver, and carpenter’s glue (if you can find some). Once you’re ready, read on for a list of tasks to get started.

Build a Garden

You can build a raised garden in time for winter, and you can even grow a few veggies if you act fast. Planting crops like onions now will yield a harvest in time for winter, so you can flavor soups and stews to warm up the family. You’ll need to lay out some thick beams of wood and nail them down with railroad spikes. Use Kawasaki power drills to connect the beams by brackets, so you have a rectangle. Fill it with nutrient rich soil and your above ground garden is ready to go.

Build a Shed

Sheds you can assemble yourself aren’t too hard to build, although it does take longer than a day to build one if you’re an amateur. It all begins with foundation, which you must grade the yard for. It’s a big job, but a worthwhile one if you plan to store tools and furniture outside. Since most of us don’t have enough room for a dining room set and a patio set, it’s a good idea to consider a shed if you live in an area that experiences four seasons.

Once your shed is built, give the hinges on the door a squirt from a grease gun to keep them from rusting over. You may also want to give the track a coating as well, so that the door easily slides.

Landscaping Tips

One of the best things you can do for your yard is redo your drainage. Bore some holes in the brick walls that hold your garden, and build a small hill below the space you plan to raise your garden. This will prevent mold from growing, and give your garden a chance to thrive well after winter.

Also, don’t forget to cover your garden to prevent what is already grown from freezing over.

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