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Why a Recording Room’s Corners Need Acoustic Foam

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Acoustic foam, or sound proofing foam panels have become popular fixtures of recording studios, home theaters, concert halls, and other venues that require excellent sound quality. Acoustic foam wall panels have proven their effectiveness at balancing a room’s sound waves. However, you also need corner bass blockers to create the most balanced mix of sound waves inside a room.

Bass sound waves have a tendency to gather in room corners. Acoustic wall panels are not designed to absorb these types of low-frequency sound waves. Even if you install acoustic foam on your walls, sound waves travel the fastest in room corners. Because of this, sound can be louder in room corners than in other areas of the room. Bass traps are useful for absorbing low-frequency corner sound waves and other sound waves in the vicinity. They are a worthwhile investment that are more affordable than altering your room’s construction to make it soundproof. Just be sure to use the right amount of bass blockers, because too much acoustic foam can ruin the rich and resonant tones that bass sound waves create.

At The Foam Factory, you can find a host of acoustic foam products, including acoustic foam panels, acoustic ceiling tiles, sound barriers, and corner bass absorbers. You’ll find multiple bass blocker shapes such as corner blocks, wedge foam, and alternating-design acoustic foam. If the available sizes do not fit your needs, you can also contact the experts at The Foam Factory to have your acoustic foam custom-cut. Also, be sure to check out their spray adhesive for an easy way to place and install acoustic foam.